Customer insight is only as good as the data it is derived from

At P:Cubed, we have spent close to a decade converting raw data sources into consumer engagement personas that will help you to understand your customer from a demographic, economic, behavioural and lifestyle point of view.

P:Cubed provides 2,700 fields of data on over 44 million economically active consumers, underpinned by the largest and richest BIG consumer data universe in South Africa. P:Cubed's SMART statistical techniques enable profiling of consumer demographics, financial affluence, preferred credit consumption, digital enablement, entrepreneurial spirit, life stage and neighbourhood trends.

Data Services

Data health check 

Current state assessment of CRM database and identification of enhancement opportunities

Large-scale data processing

Update, refresh and enrich your customer contact, credit and segmentation profiles

Campaign file processing

Intelligent lead generation for new-to-file, cross-sell, up-sell and existing customer management campaigns

Prospect pool management

Maintenance and hosting of P:Cubed enriched customer and transactional databases for the assignment of customer value-propositions

P:Cubed SMART variables

Accurate derivation of income, affordability, credit worthiness, spend propensity and other consumer attributes from over 35,000 source variables

P:Cubed Segmentation Suites

Geospatial, Individual (FAS), and bespoke customer segmentations

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