Have you got what it takes to join P:Cubed? Our Human Resources team searches for the very best talent for our dynamic, complex and ever-changing environment.

Step 1: Application Review

Our Human Resources team thoroughly reviews all applications received for advertised positions. We look for the ideal combination of experience, skills and qualifications. If your application meets with our requirements, you will be shortlisted for the position and we will contact you as soon as possible to set up an initial interview. If you do not hear from us within two weeks of your application, your application should be considered unsuccessful.

Step 2: Interviews

When you have been shortlisted for a position we will contact you to set up an initial interview.  After your interview, the Human Resources team will put together a further shortlist.  Following this, you may be invited to attend a second interview to meet further members of the P:Cubed team and to discuss outcomes of any assessments we may have asked to you complete. At the interview stage we endeavour to share as much information with you as possible about the company and the role so that you can make an informed decision. For information on how to prepare for your interview please review our Interview Tips.

Step 3: Assessment

Many positions within P:Cubed require that you complete a job skills assessment. These assessments are used to provide us with further information on your experience and skills. You will also be required to complete a psychometric assessment. This assessment is used in the selection of candidates for positions, to assess career and development opportunities and for the evaluation of organisational needs in general.  The results are combined with those of your interview(s) to allow us to make an informed recruitment decision.

Step 4: Background Checks and Employment Offer

As a standard policy we conduct background checks on all new recruits before presenting an employment offer. The background check includes verification of your qualifications, credit and criminal records as well as personnel reference checks from previous employment. When a decision has been made to offer you the position, an offer letter will be sent to you by a Human Resources representative for your review and acceptance.

Step 5: Welcome to the P:Cubed Team

Our Human Resources representative will meet you on your first day of employment at P:Cubed and help you settle in. P:Cubed believes that all new team members must be given timely induction training. This training is regarded as a vital part of recruitment and integration into the working environment.  We are committed to ensuring that all our people are supported during this period. We’ll do whatever we can to welcome you to the company and make you as feel as welcome as possible.

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