At P:Cubed we have noted that enthusiasm and attitude displayed during an interview often reflects how a candidate will perform on the job. How you respond to open-ended questions helps us to understand your communication skills and how quickly you can think on your feet. As a passionate team the little things matter to us. These include punctuality, eye contact and a professional appearance, to name but a few.

Our interview tips:

  • Dress professionally - our business dress is professional but business casual. However, don’t let your outfit overshadow the interview. We are more interested in your skills and experience than anything else
  • Punctuality - be on time. Should you experience any difficulty in getting to your interview on time please call ahead to let us know
  • Show enthusiasm - a firm handshake and eye contact demonstrates confidence. Speak clearly and distinctly in a confident voice even if you are feeling nervous
  • Listen - one of the most neglected interviewing skills is listening. Make sure you are not only listening but reading between the lines. Sometimes what is not said is just as important as what is said.
  • Answer the question asked - often candidates don’t think about whether or not they are answering the question being asked. Make sure you understand the question and get further clarification if you are unsure
  • Give specific examples - prepare examples where possible, before the interview. Give examples which highlight your successes and uniqueness. Your past behaviour can influence your future performance
  • Do your research - researching P:Cubed before the interview will give you the edge. Find out as much information about us: our services, customers, and solutions by consulting our website. The more you know, the better your chances of selling yourself
  • Be prepared - bring along a folder containing extra copies of your CV, certified copies of academic transcripts, your identity document, and reference letters
  • Ask questions - many people don’t ask questions and miss the opportunity to find out valuable information. Your questions will indicate an interest in the job and company
  • Follow up - whether through email or telephonically, the follow up is one more chance to remind us of all the valuable traits you could bring to the job and the company. You don’t want to miss a chance to market yourself!

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