Strategic advice underpinned by the facts

A strategy is measured by how well it is executed.  Robust information is key.  P:Cubed prides itself on offering a superior advisory service, underpinned by data and focused on delivering results. 

P:Cubed leverages analytical and business intelligence capabilities to deliver strategic insights:

  • Identifying local financial service market trends – assessing the core drivers of change in consumer behaviour, constantly monitoring and understanding changes in demographics, spend and credit risk performance.
  • Customer segmentation – subdividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments that have similar needs, wants and demands. Clearly advising on segment size, accessibility and product alignment.
  • Market benchmarking - comparing your organisation to competitors in order to understand market share and share-of-wallet, ensuring comprehensive product strategy.
  • Growth Opportunity Assessment - empirically assessing growth opportunity of your products, customer segments, credit risk policies and acquisition channel strategies to assist with budgetary target setting.

Based on the insights we derive, we collaborate with you to design strategies that effect positive change.

Analytical Services

Business Intelligence Services

Operational Consulting

  • End-to-end analysis and opportunity assessment of key CRM operational execution activities

Strategy Development

  • Acquisition, CRM and point of presence strategy developed on SMART data and analytics

Market analytics

  • Time series based analytics that delivers a view on competitor activity and sizes the market opportunity for your business

Tactical analytics

  • Goal-oriented analytical development of tactical tools such as ‘next best product’ or credit limit increase strategies

Model development 

  • Custom model development spanning the customer lifecycle



Industry Performance Benchmarking report

  • Track and monitor performance against your peers in the industry on a monthly basis

Operational reporting

  • Daily, weekly or monthly operational performance monitoring and reporting

Interactive reporting

  • Empower users through the provision of web-based interactive data cubes and reports


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